Tow Dolly Rental Rates – Affordable One Way Rental Rates

Affordable Tow Dolly Rentals – One Way and Return Rental Rates

Cheap Tow Tow Dolly Rental One Way

Affordable Tow Dolly Rentals USA and Canada Rental Rates

The in town rate for a one day (24 hour) tow dolly rental is $39.95. Makes zero difference if you’re using your own vehicle or not.

Affordable Tow Dolly Rentals Available USA and Canada One Way and Two Way

Tow Dolly Rental Rates USA and Canada

What was the worst thing you ever did to a rental car? About 20 years ago my truck had to go in the shop for the day so I got a cutlass for the day w/ full coverage. I zoomed through the same woop-dee-do intersection that I did every day in my Bronco, bottomed out then went airborne and bottomed out again. 2 miles later I am on the interstate tooling along at 80 w/smoke pouring out of the thing. 3 miles later parked at the repair station and drove off in my truck. Went by the rental place the next day and there was my Cutlass, still on the tow dolly, w/ the tech marine tex-ing the oil pan

Drive your scion to NY, rent a truck with a tow dolly and drive both back to Maine. Since it’s not a great idea to do this all in one day, do the one way rental which gives you several days to do it and with mileage factored in.

The weight of the hitch alone would cause you to ‘feel it’ in that car. I doubt they would even rent you the trailer with that as your tow vehicle. You’ll break down and/or ruin the car towing with it. One way truck rental (U-Haul Van would do), and if you have a second driver have them drive the corolla behind you, or else a front wheel dolly will do to tow the corolla. Full auto transport trailer behind a full size truck is preferred, but availability on those auto trailers is scarce and the truck/trailer combo will cost you some bucks (And the piss poor MPG…., what a debacle). Try for the van/dolly. In all honesty, I would PURGE all the stuff you would have trailered.

Sell it, or give it away. Maybe get a Yakima roof rack for the corolla and put some light stuff up there. Dunno if you would be so inclined, but shipping a lot of stuff thru USPS might be cost effective, and save you a lot of hassle, gas, and cramped space in the car. I am a big fan of travelling light. Driving long distances in a corolla is bad enough. Another caveat: You can’t tow at 65-75-80 mph. 50-55 is pushing it. So if you are towing you will have to drive what you may consider PAINFULLY slow.

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Below, you will find a great video on hooking up your tow dolly rental, and how to drive safely and defensively once you hit the road:



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